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We are just a little over 2 weeks away from our season opener and we've had lots of off-season excitement!!

First, our crew chief, Travis, sold a LOT of our old cars....and then, with that money, bought us some new ones.... 

Cookie got a new to her Bullrider - she loved the scheme it came with but then we couldn't find anyone to match it.  So Travis did some vinyl and Cookie will be doing an original by Cookie for the front hood.











Lil Red also got another new to him Bullrider - and Travis put a new scheme on his, that is a throwback to dad's old street stock from East Windsor.

Our Heavy 160 engines were refreshed in the off-season by R-Motorworks and we are looking forward to zooming around the track with those updated!  And, our last piece of the puzzle should be headed our way within the next week - a brand new UT3 heavy Honda engine for Cookie from Flash.  Travis has a lot of work to do.....and we appreciate it more than words can ever say.

And, then there's our new sponsors:

Axcel Sports - our new suits came from them at a great discount.  If you're looking for new custom suits - they're your place!!!

We'll have a photoshoot once the cars are ready to go and show you our actual suits.

And then we have our other new sponsor on board - You can check out voting for us, and their website, on the front page of OUR website - or through our Facebook pages.  They are a classified ads site for racers!  We won one of the 60 $1000 sponsorships.  

We'll have another update soon!

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