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Driver Bio - Shanon "Cookie" Schwarz

My name is Shanon Schwarz - but my family calls me "Cookie" (sometime Cookie Marie and sometimes Cookie Monkey because there are very few things I love in life more than all of my stuffed monkeys)!

I first tried racing when I was 5 years old; but I wasn't very good - and not very coordinated. So mom and dad took me out of novice school and said I could come try again when they thought I was 'ready'.  Mom checked around and they decided to put me in dance classes at my brother Trevor's girlfriend Lauren's work - Modern Motion.  It was a lot of fun!!  But soon, I learned to do things without looking at my feet.  That's when mom and dad knew I was ready to come back and try again!!

So, there I was, in my novice year at 8 years old.  I had a lot of fun on the track and making even more friends off the track.  I still get to some of my favorite things to do at the track - like watch the younger kids while their families watch other kids race; but I get to race, too.  

AND WIN!!  I had NINE A main wins over three different divisions in 2017 - Junior Novice red, Novice blue and then Sr. Novice.  In Senior Novice I won our family the coveted Turkey Derby Checkered flag!!!!  It was our first one in ELEVEN years of racing!!  

My 2020 season was not as good as my first - there was a HUGE learning curve going from novice to Sr Honda and with some new rules because of USAC25.  I was slow at first and then just frustrated.  As the season went on, I started to put a little more into what I was doing on the track.  When we went to Florida for the Little 500 I was really starting to come along with speed (and keeping my foot off the brakes) - and then my brakes broke.  And them something happened with my gears.  And, this time, I was mad!  I wanted to race - which made my family really proud.  I can't WAIT for this year to get started!

For 2021 I am raced in two divisions - Heavy Honda and Heavy 160 (where I raced against my brother).  I am worked to improve on all things every week - from putting my foot more on the gas (and less on the brake); and I really started passing all those boys (even my brother a couple of times!! ) I am the only girl in my divisions (well, except on a few occasions when 'outsiders' come to the track). One of these days, they're all going to be chasing me for the win - and we really think 2022 is going to be that year!  My crew chief, and older brother, Travis worked on my cars a LOT over the off-season - some new schemes, a new car AND a new engine have all been brought in for me.  I can't wait to get on track!!!!!

Outside of racing, I love to dance, play outside, help with our pets - including the crazy chicken that 'adopted' us - and play video games.  I have to work hard at school work, but I do everything I am asked and I am getting better at this reading stuff.  Math and science are really where it's at for me, though, and I love that part of school.  I have also been in several productions at my middle school - Grease, Shrek, Frozen (where I was an Oaken) and now, in May of this year, I will be Lucy in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

I am looking forward to a good season in 2022!!

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